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BALATON, nightclub
Leningradskaya str., 68
Phone: +38 (056) 779-30-01
Balaton is a club that is well-known for bright parties and magnificent cocktails, the excellent menu. The club is located in the central part of a city. There is a car parking.
Pleasant atmosphere, the polite and attentive personnel, music favorite by all and the bright show program will bring pleasure to anybody. Everyone who has visited Balaton will come here again and again.
There are two separate bars In club, and also little tables for rest, soft leather sofas. The main big hall and the VIP hall are equipped with plasma TVs, and allow to spend time comfortably in this hospitable club.
Dnepropetrovsk nightclubs, disco, night life, nightclub Balaton

BARTOLOMEO, nightclub
Naberejnaya Pobedy str., 9-b
Phone: +38 (056) 370-15-00, 337-332
At Creative Club Bartolommeo there is everything of what it is possible to dream about: ethnography park-museum; restaurant complex (a restaurant Shato de la mer, a bar-cafe "Don Pedro, a banquet hall, a cigar room, a wineshop); a hotel complex; a yacht-club; sports zone (a ground for mini-football, tennis courts, a ground for beach volleyball); pool with an aqua-bar; children's playground.
Bartolommeo is not only a hotel complex, or restaurant and or night club. It is the whole world - the mysterious and unpredictable world of far wanderings saved in memory of the legendary seafarer of XV century Bartolommeo Dias. And, the legend of wanderings of seaman Dias on the ship "Saint Gabriel" is embodied in architecture of the club Bartolommeo.
Dnepropetrovsk nightclubs, disco, night life, nightclub Bartolommeo
BORA-BORA, nightclub
Malinovskogo str., 7
Phone: +38 (0562) 33-48-08

Night club Bora-Bora is a combination of surprising club atmosphere, the qualitative music, and convenient location near the river Dnepr and wide assortment of offered services. For you always car parking, face-control, a high-quality degree of service are available.
The design of club is made in style of the French Polynesia; in decor elements natural materials are used: a bamboo, hempen ropes, palm trees, wooden figurines and the masks brought specially from island Bora-Bora. In club there are two halls in which music of different styles sounds and the VIP-room where it is possible more easily and cozy to spend an evening.
Dnepropetrovsk nightclubs, disco, night life, nightclub Bora-Bora

VOSHOD, nightclub
Naberejnaya Pobedy str., 7
Phone: +38 (0562) 36-00-11
Entertainment complex Voshod (Rising) is the club project taht does not have analogues of such level in Dnepropetrovsk. The entertainment complex consists of several absolutely various on style and a musical format places.
On three floors of the complex have settled down - 3 dancing clubs, chill out, a modern concert ground, billiards, sushi-bar.
Dnepropetrovsk nightclubs, disco, night life, nightclub Voshod
JACKSON, night club
Barrikadnaya str.,
Phone: +38 (050) 361-999-1
Night club Jackson invites everyone to spend an evening in the best club atmosphere of Dnepropetrovsk. Come for the first time surprise is guaranteed because of bright and stylish club design. There are 2 halls in the club.
Dnepropetrovsk nightclubs, disco, night life, nightclub Jackson
IMPERIA, nightclub
Naberejnaya Pobedy str., 38
Phone: +38 (097) 500 99 00
Empire is the night club which has mixed in itself different directions and styles. It is a club without pathos and conventions.
The spacious cozy premise of the club gives the chance to take pleasure of an excellent sound. The dancing is for 700 fans of active dance rest. Musical style of the club is a mix of R&B -rhythms and commercial music. Each weekend in club there pass parties with new themes. Organizers intend to take their visitors away from boring sample events.
Dnepropetrovsk nightclubs, disco, night life, nightclub Imperia
CAPUCHON, nightclub
Gor'kogo str., 2
Phone: +38 (063) 161 2000
Night club Capuchon is well-know as a good restaurant and a club in building. The European and Oriental kitchen is wonderful in the restaurant Capuchon. As to music, DJs play there all musical styles house and electro to dancing hits of the past and radio-format music: such variety attract the widest audience. Usually, in Capuchon young, beautiful people spend time.
Dnepropetrovsk nightclubs, disco, night life, nightclub Capuchon
KLESH, nightclub
Panikahi str., 61
Phone: +38 (067) 566 70 50
Disco-hall Klesh is located on the territory of the entertainment complex "Time-out" with stylized and cozy interior, invites you and your friends to plunge into atmosphere of a surprising holiday and to take rest to your soul and body.
Disco-hall Klesh is a good place for friendly meetings, dates of loving couples, cozy family rest and for business meetings.
Klesh in the evening is tasty suppers, translations of football matches and various sports events and entertaining show programs. Klesh at night is a club with stirring parties, the show program and unique atmosphere of a holiday.
Dnepropetrovsk nightclubs, disco, night life, nightclub Klesh
LABYRINTH, nightclub
Har'kovskaya str., 2
Phone: +38 (056) 778-24-60
Labyrinth is a night club in the centre Dnepropetrovsk where everyone will find his or her reflection. So-called "live" hall is for true judges of music, music fans without rules and a bias.
"Pop" hall is for vigorous, courageous and charming persons. For fans of high level of decibels, adherents of mainstream and amorythms is "the first" hall with fashionable the DJ from Ukraine and Russia. Also there are also chill out zone and Love Club - for fans of all provocative and exotic in the club.
Dnepropetrovsk nightclubs, disco, night life, nightclub Labyrinth
LEXX, nightclub
Kalinovaya str., 3
Phone: +38 (093) 911 27 87
Night club Lexx gives a new view on rest for the visitors. The pleasant prices of a bar, the remarkable personnel, and magnificent conditions have to make your rest comfortable, and you - the regular guest of the club.
Dnepropetrovsk nightclubs, disco, night life, nightclub Lexx
MOLINARI, nightclub
Yangelya str., 16
Phone: +38 (0562) 35-32-79
Party-bar Molinari combines two musical directions - the big club hall - fashionable popular music, a small club hall - fashionable club music. Every week the big thematic parties with the invitation of special visitors are given.
All halls of the party-bar are equipped with modern powerful light, sound, video techniques.
At the menu of the party bar there is a rich variety of dishes of European and Ukrainian cuisine with original service and excellent taste.
There are 2 bars a bar in the club and a bar in a billiard hall. The assortment of bars is picked up taking into account grounds of all platforms of the party-bar with elite import alcohol, and also the best brands of domestic alcohol.
Dnepropetrovsk nightclubs, disco, night life, nightclub Molinari
PARIS, nightclub
Korolenko str., 3
Phone: +38 (050) 320-86-62
In club Paris two halls work. Here it is possible to dance under modern and retro music to take pleasure of the tasty meal.
Club Paris it is live concerts, discos with well known DJs, show programs and super fashionable parties, competitions and presentations.
At your service there are two separate bas, and also little tables for rest. If you had a desire to take some rest, the VIP-hall with the plasma panel which broadcasts all events of the main hall of club is given at your service.
Soft leather sofas, allow conveniently and with comfort to have a rest after a long dancing marathon.
Dnepropetrovsk nightclubs, disco, night life, nightclub Paris